: sound toys : Loopy 1.0

Loopy 1.0 is a toy/tool/instrument/computer program designed to help you create looped rhythmic music out of anything.

Its part loop pedal, part old-school drum machine, and part just plain rave-in-a-box awesome.

Loopy looks like this:

and here is a unedited recording of Loopy's output. I played this live using only my voice going into the internal microphone on my laptop:

Loopy works by capturing your voice, instrument, or any other sound source and placing it into an XOXOX style rhythm sequencer (like the Roland TR-808).

Once you've captured your sound Loopy can process it with amplitude envelopes (for audio slicing effects), a cool delay, and a multi-mode filter.

Most of Loopy's functions can be played from your computer's keyboard. I took all of the non-essential keys off of this one to make a sweet controller:

Loopy was conceived in the Spring of 2008 and is continually being improved. Someday soon, Loopy will be available to the public. If you're interested in a copy let me know.