Who will be there...

The Frog kingdoms of the Summer Camp are three regions of sound:

In the meadow valley, grooves, beats, and songs from every time and place weave amongst the tall grasses. Live acts mix and match traditional instruments with laptops and sound boxes. Lazy, whimsical afternoons in the meadow bloom with sideshows, cabaret acts, open mics. Nearby, revelers gather at the kommunity kook shack, sharing bounties gathered everywhere from the garden to the bodega. If you have an idea for the meadow and/or meadow stage, let us know!

Performers include:

Vic Thrill (w/ Tanya Gagné of the Wau Wau Sisters)
ATTN: (Rubulad)
Warper (warperparty.com) / live electronics (Full listing coming soon!)

DJs include:
Peter Gunn (Axis Chemicals)
Reaganomics (Pure Fire)
Danny Casolaro (Summer Campers)
DJ Shakey (Warper, Rubulad)
Barney Iller (Rubulad)

with Ad Hoc Arts live silkscreening and printing

High on the hill, in the upper atmosphere, heavenly sounds waft down, generated through a collection of software, hardware, traditional instruments, vinyl, analog sounds, and circuit bent instruments, under a dome of projections. Collaborative layers and movements of sound from many artists, musicians and DJs evolve endlessly. Saturday afternoon will be open to all with records for a beatless collaborative mix. Music for Semi Spheres: Transportitive Wave Ideas with Temporal Dome Radio WTDR Music for Semi Spheres will broadcast live on WTDR. Bring a radio so you can listen anywhere you care in the lair!

Performers include:

( ) & Sundog - live laptop & processed flute. ambient noise
Agent MT - spoken word
Aurora - Light Warrior
dj Cheeba Killahertz - Dub/Dubstep (Renegade Virus)
El Gallo aka Nobody - dj Mashup Mayhem, live noise (Los Piratas Mechanicos)
Dok Gregory - live electronics. (Amoeba Technology/ZGT)
dj God Question - eclectic audio reckonings
dj Howie Wreckhords - fuzzpop puristm (Konundrum Recods)
LinearElectricDisturbance aka DJ MASA - live electronics. (Amoeba Technology)
Madame C.H.U.D. - live electronics. CHUDism
o.blaat(Keiko Uenishi) - live laptop (SHARE/Cronica/Public Eyesore)
dj Lost Time - (Tuxedomoon, ZGT)
Rob Byrd - improvised ambient guitar (Rootsucker Records)
Zemi17 - SpaceHaus on SpaceStation Earth
Zero Gravity Thinkers - (Dok Gregory/Peter Principle/Zemi17) live electronics.
Lance Blisters / guitar triggered beats and vox
Seej / Visuals and lighting
+ open DJ beatlessness jam

The Outback is where you go as far as you normally go, then venture a few steps further. These borderlands will feature the bandwidth of the rugged edge of rolling and broken beats. Outback audio frontier crews from the New York outerground will bring loads of vinyl, analog and digital hardware, Serato and laptops. Friday night will be heavy on the breaks side: jungle, drum and bass, dubstep, electro, breakcore, broken beat and in between styles. Saturday will lean toward the rolling beats techno, acid, freetek, and rolling livesets, featuring friends from far off lands. Expect eclectic and open afternoons, and an open hardware vs laptop jam (bring cables and MIDI connect).

Djs and livesets include:

The Outback Feral Crew:
Darxyde (live analog hardware / DJ)
9mm! (live)
Driver (live hardware/ DJ)
Jason BK (DJ)
Fury8 (live hardware / DJ)
Garlik (DJ)
Shakrastrun (DJ)

Banditos (live / Quadbyte, Montreal )
Kasdal ( Cruz Control, Montreal )
DJ Courage (Courage Prod NYC)
Data (data23 )
Nevermind (Apocalypse Recordings)
+ open hardware vs laptop jam
Jeanne Angel / visuals and lighting

We will update you as this list grows and mutates... ... and there will be many other areas set up all over the camp...