Things to know...

Frog King and The Butterflies Summer Camp is on private land, about 2.5 hours north of New York City in the mountains. We ask that everyone respect the space and help us to take care of it. We will have porta potties. Everyone should come ready to be self sufficient, including food and water! See the “what to bring” link…we HIGHLY encourage everyone to bring any kind of shade / rain structure, as well as your personal tents. Here’s some of the basic info to know:

We have a designated parking area, where we will park most of the vehicles. So please be ready to walk and carry your stuff to your camp. It isn’t a long walk to the main camping area. We can work with people that have large setups or gear; please let us know if you do! If you are one that sleeps in your vehicle, let us know. There is no camping in the parking area (there are old flammable wooden buildings near).

All Summer Campers can be expect that there will be at least one sound system playing music for the entire 48+ hours of the event. We find that it is never a problem to sleep, and we want to have as much music as we can while we have this unique opportunity to be together for a weekend with so many of our urban friends…just so you know!

We ask each and every one of you to keep all of your trash and take it with you. We do not have any sort of trash pickup, and the Summer Camper crew won’t be able to take trash in our already full vehicles. We know that all of you know how to respect the land and be responsible while having fun! We want to make our gracious hosts happy and to leave their land cleaner than when we found it, and for everyone to think of this camp as their own!

We love kids and encourage everyone to bring their families. Know that there may be loud music played at anytime day or night, but that if you are willing to walk you can camp away from the sound areas. We hope to have a camp especially for kids…we will let you know!

Because we expect a hot and dry August, we will limit the campfires to the 3 main sound areas for now. We will see how the conditions are that weekend, but for now we ask that anyone who wants to cook in their camp do so with a portable camping stove…anyone who can bring wood for one of the 3 designated fires, please do!

The event will begin late afternoon Friday the 21st, and end on Sunday the 23rd around sundown. Campout festivals are best enjoyed when everyone can be at the space for at least an entire day, without being in a car or setting up / breaking down their gear…so we encourage everyone to take off Friday, or take off the afternoon, and come up ready to be with us the whole weekend!

Everyone at this event will be circles of friends that all interlink with our other circles of friends…this event is made by all of us for us to enjoy each other’s creations and energy. We hope all of you will take part in any way that you wish to make this camp colorful, multilayered, autonomous, and creative. Let us know your ideas!

The Summer Campers can always use help with this event, especially folks that can volunteer to watch the incoming gate for us, to help with the setups and breakdowns of the main sound areas, and to help with collective cooking and land management. Please contact us if you are interested! Also write us if you have or need a ride, and we’ll try our best to help. We would love donations of items such as food for cooking, coolers, shade structures (for the weekend), and any items to share.

See the “what to bring” link for more info on bringing anything to the event. We hope that everyone coming will be a participant and a partygoer!

We want to keep this event think our circles of friends, so we ask that you please invite your trusted friends directly, but do not post this on public lists. We have a limit on the number of people and the number of cars (so please carpool!) We will only give directions to folks that RSVP here.

Dogs and other pets are welcome! Just please keep track of your dog and know that he or she gets along with other dogs and people (including kids). Last year, one dog was having too much fun and got himself lost miles away for a day…so keep an eye out for your pet!

As it is anytime you camp in the woods, there may be ticks, mosquitoes, come prepared, and check yourself and your pets to be safe…

The camp is in the mountains, and it can get hot in the day and cold at night, and it can always rain. We will be there in any weather, so come prepared for it all! Also remember that if it is hot and dry, we must all do our part to ensure 100% fire safety, which means no cigarette butts on the ground. Thanks!