What to bring...

Here are some thoughts on what to bring. We want you to be prepared!
Camps / Installations
Musicians / DJs

We know that nearly all of you have been to campout events before, and will know what to bring. We write this list just a reminder, for ourselves and for you! The main points are SELF SUFFICENCY and LEAVE NO TRACE. This event is made for and by all of us, which means that we all take care of the land, ourselves, and each other.

Here’s a checklist of some basics:

Tent, free standing SHADE STRUCTURE, sleeping bags (we will be high in the mountains, and it can get cold at night, even in August!), WATER, camping stove, coolers, camping utensils and dishes, food, beer, FLASHLIGHT, garbage bags (please take out all of your own garbage!). batteries for flashlight, rechargeable batteries, car chargers (there is only very spotty cell phone service here, FYI), FIRE EXTINGUISHER, STAKES (it can get windy!), hammer (for stakes), jackknife, ashcans (no cigarette butts on the ground!), matches and lighters, TARPS, RAIN GEAR (be ready for any weather, we are rain or shine!), rope, duct tape, COLD and WARM WEATHER clothes, water bottle, portable coffee mug, stovetop coffeemaker, kettle, sunscreen, bug stuff, first aid kit, car gear (jack, spare, jumper cables etc…), portable CHAIRS, camping stools, air mattress, (battery powered) lantern…?

We encourage anyone who has an idea for a theme camp, installation, or free standing art area or hangout space to let us know! Because of the nature of the land, we are limited to the 3 hub areas as far as sound systems, but we may be able to fit a few more small sound installations or camps with a bit of music; please write us if you have an idea, and we'll see if we can accommodate you. Please write us at the contact email to tell us your idea for any camp, so that we can best plan the event. All acoustic music is of encouraged and open to all. We will not be able to provide power for everyone, as we are using all that we can get and bring, so come prepared for that! Here's some things to think about an bring if you want to have your own camp:

Much of the land is and open grassy field, so you will need either a free standing structure or some creative way to set up an area. Some people with Jeeps or trucks may be able to drive onto the land and tie off of their vehicles, but we do not encourage it for all cars, as the land is a bit rough and hilly, and if it rains cars can get stuck easily. Let us know what you are thinking and we'll work with you.

As we mentioned above, we cannot promise power for any camp that may arrive, because we need all that we can get and bring for the 3 sound areas. Having said that there is always a possibility that there may be enough power for a few lights or something for a camp. But we also expect that camps would like to be spread out from one another. We recommend you consider buying or renting a portable “picnic generator” made by Honda and other companies. They are very small and relatively inexpensive. Some crafty folks out there may already have a deep cycle cell battery setup for their vehicle or for portable event gear. If anyone has something like this that they would be willing to bring to the event, please let us know! And certainly come with lots and lots of extension cords, in the event that one of the areas can spare a bit of power. (don’t forget to think about safety! See below...)…anyone with a video projector, slides, film, homemade lighting, disco balls, or any sort of light art are encouraged to bring them!

Other things to think about for a camp:

Extension cords, electrical tape, duct tape (if you use power, don’t forget to cover all connection points with electric tape, covered with duct tape!), power strips, FIRE EXTINGUISHER, cigarette ash can (no butts!), garbage bags, blankets, rugs, table, portable chairs, stools, fabric, SOLAR or SELF POWERED LIGHTS (there are many types of lights out there that charge in the day enough for a night of lighting, we encourage all to use self powered lights as much as possible!), batteries, rope, stakes, hammer, shovel, big water bottles, coolers, thermoses, folding table, ratchet straps, tarps…

…and of course whatever decorations, artwork, or setup you need to make your space happen...see below for more on artwork and performance…we encourage food and tea camps, kids camps, game camps, lounges, workshops, art labs or whatever idea you have!

We hope that anyone and everyone who makes any sort of visual art will bring something or consider any creative way to add to the event. We have room in the sound areas for hanging and some projected art, and there are other possible hanging areas around the camp. There is plenty of space for any sort of free standing structure or sculpture. Let us know here if you have an idea, so that we can help you find the right spot, or connect you with others with a similar idea so that you can together set up a full camp. We encourage any art making areas as well. We are planning on a live painting area and a live silkscreening are so far, and we'd like anyone to bring art materials as well as art.

We will have 3 primary sound areas. The hosts of these areas will be organizing the music played. While there are plans for specific musicians and DJs for much of the nights and some of the days, there will certainly be open space for plenty more. So if you would like to play, please write us and we’ll see what we can do. We expect to have some open slots in the nighttime that we will fill with guests, and open times in the day that will be left open for whoever is up to play. See “The Summer Camp” link for info on the three rigs …

We cannot have any more full sound systems, but we may be able to have some sound installations. See “camps” above for more…

BRING your own needles, phones, and necessary cables and adapters! also see the “who will be there” link for info on open times and collab sessions…

Any performers of any sort should write us with their idea. We are especially interested in circus and carnival style performance, and we are open to anything. We will have a block of space on at least one of the rigs specifically for cabaret type shows. Any interested bands should also let us know (see above). Whatever your show is, be prepared and be self sufficient in terms of needed gear…

About FIRE performance:

Please let us know if you’d like to do a fire performance. We love fire, but of course we must make sure that al necessary safety precautions are in effect! So certainly bring it, but let us know first, and make sure you have all your fire safety ducks in a row…. we expect it to be dry and hot, and we must be extra careful about fire as always....

The Summer Camps are all about sharing and community. We hope that every single person there will be contributing in the event in some way. Beyond the music and art, we also hope everyone will think about bring extra food, camping and cooking supplies, drinks, or anything else to share. We will have a food are set up with the hopes that some people will take on cooking shared meals. We can use shade structures, camping stoves, pots and pans, coolers, utensils, and any sort of camping cooking gear for this area, and encourage everyone to use the area and donate what they can….

The more people bring, the less we all have to make a trip into town for anything…our ideal would be that no one has to leave except to go swimming down the road!